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Introduction: Water baptism is a symbol or sign of a Christian’s death, burial and resurrection with Christ.  It pictures our severance with the old life; the fact that we have finished with it and that we are satisfied with the new life in Christ Jesus (Rom. 6v3-4; Acts. 8:36-38).  It is an ordinance of the church commanded by Christ Jesus, our Lord Himself.  It is important for every believer.  There are a lot of confusion and human traditions surrounding water baptism. Let us seek only what the Bible says (Isa. 8:20).


1. Salvation Does Not Come Through Water Baptism


(a) We are saved by grace through faith – Eph.2:8-9. Not works.

(b) It is the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from sin and purchased our redemption – Heb. 9:22; Col. 1:14

(c) Entrance into the kingdom is through genuine repentance – Mk. 1:14-15; Acts 3:19

(d) Salvation comes when Christ is confessed in faith – Rom. 10:9-10.

(e) Power to become a child of God comes by believing in the name of Jesus Christ – Jn. 1:12.


Salvation comes solely by faith in Jesus Christ. He has finished All that pertains to our salvation and no works of righteousness by any man could produce salvation.


2. What Is The Importance Of Water Baptism?


(a) Matt. 28:19-20 – Jesus Christ commanded it

(b) Acts. 2:38 – It is a sign that a man has repented of his sins.

(c) Matt. 3:13-17 – Jesus Christ, our perfect example partook of this ordinance, thus emphasising its importance.  Jesus does not engage Himself in trivialities.

(d) Rom. 6:2-5; I Pet. 3:21 – Water Baptism is a symbol of our identification with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  The guilty conscience has been done away with once and for all.  A new resurrected life begins.


3. When Is One Qualified To Be Baptised?


(a) After a genuine repentance evidenced by a changed way of life – Acts. 2:38, 41:19, 18-20

(b) Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ must follow the repentance to make it valid – Acts. 8:9-13; Mark 16:16.


4. What Is The Mode Of Water Baptism?


A lot of human traditions are involved in the mode of water baptism today.  Here are some of the commonly used modes:


i. Aspersion – Sprinkling

ii. Afusion – Pouring

iii. Immersion – Dipping\Burying


Let us see some examples from the scriptures;


(a) Matt. 3:13-17 – Jesus Christ was dipped in River Jordan to be baptised

(b) Acts 8:36-38 – Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch both went down INTO the water

(c) Rom. 6:3-4; Col. 2:11-12 – We are BURIED with Him in baptism


The obvious mode set out in the word of God is immersion.  Anything besides this should be rejected.  It is mere human tradition.


5. The Name In Which We Are To Be Baptised.


The name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost – Matt 28:19.


Conclusion: Water baptism is a command of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is therefore binding on every true believer.  We should therefore be baptised in obedience to His command.


Memory Verse: “Buried with Him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with Him through the faith of the operation of God, who has raised Him from the dead” Col.2:12