Study 5

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Text: Joel 2; 28-29; Acts. 1:8; 2:14-21


Introduction: A person gets born again by the working of the Holy Spirit.  However at the new birth, the believer has the Holy Spirit only in a measure.  There is another dimension of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Christian’s life wherein he is filled with the Holy Spirit.  This experience is what is know as the Holy Spirit Baptism.  God has promised a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh in these last days in which we are living.  Many believers are experiencing this outpouring.  You can have a personal encounter with Him today.  We, however, must not be ignorant of who He is and how He operates.


1. The Person Of The Holy Spirit

(a) He is the Comforter, He leads Jn. 16:7-13

(b) He is the Spirit of truth. Jn. 14:15-18

(c) He testifies. Jn.15:26-27

(d) He has emotions. He can be grieved. Eph.4:30

(e) He grows in intercession for us. Rom. 8:26-27

(f) He leads and speaks. Acts. 8:29; 13:2

The activities of the Holy Spirit outlined above confirm that the Holy Spirit is a Person.  He is not merely an influence or a thing.


2. He Is A Divine Personality – God

(a) He was present at creation – Gen. 1:1-2

(b) He is the eternal Spirit.  Eternity of being is a divine attribute – Heb. 9:14

(c) He is omnipotent – Luke. 1:35

(d) He is co-equal and co-eternal with the Father and the Son. 2 Cor. 13:14


3. What The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Is Not

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not to be confused with the new birth or re-generation. The disciples at the time of Jesus were born again before Jesus commanded them to tarry in Jerusalem until they were endued with the power from on high (Luke. 24:49).  That we have joy and zeal in doing the word of God or answers to prayers after conversion does not mean we are baptised in the Holy Spirit.

The disciples had all these and more and yet were not baptised with the Holy Spirit.  


There was great joy in Samaria when the people of the city accepted the gospel, yet they still needed to be baptised with the Holy Spirit.  Acts. 8:8. Though the disciples had left all to follow the Lord, they needed to wait for the promise of the Father.  Matt. 19:27; Luke. 24:49.


4. The Promise Of Father

(a) The Father promised an out-pouring of the Spirit of God upon all flesh in the last days. Joel. 2:28-29.

(b) The Lord Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as the promise of the Father and the power from on high. Luke. 24:49.

(c) The Holy Spirit is the rivers of living waters that flows out of the belly of he that believes. Jn. 7:37-38.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit ushers in the power of God in a special dimension into the life of the believer. It is a distinct experience different from the new birth. Acts. 11:15-17.


5 How To Receive The Holy Spirit Baptism

(a) You must be genuinely converted and living a pure life. Jn. 3:3-5;

(b) Thirst and hunger for it. Jn 7:37-39; Isa. 44:3-4

(c) Ask in faith. Mark. 11:22-24; Luke. 11:9-13

(d) Thank God for filling you.  I Thes. 5:18

(e) Open your mouth to speak as the spirit gives utterance.  Acts. 2:4

5 Evidence Of Receiving

When you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you receive the fullness of God’s power in your life.  This affects your life and your understanding of the scriptures, prayers, faith and all aspects of your life drastically.


But the initial physical manifestation that you have received is that you speak in other tongues.  This is a common feature of all recorded cases of Holy Spirit baptism in the scriptures:


I. The disciples spoke in languages they never learnt when they were baptised on the day of Pentecost, Acts. 2: 1-4.

II. When Cornelius and his household believed and the Holy Spirit came on them, they spoke in tongues.

III. When Apostle Paul laid hands on the Ephesians disciples they received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.  Acts. 19:6

Conclusion: It is necessary and important for every believer to be baptised in the Holy Spirit, therein lies the power for a stable and effective service for the Lord and blessing to humanity.


It is not difficult to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit at all.  Ask in faith and you shall receive. This is the time of the latter rain.  Zech. 10:1.


Memory Verse: “But yea shall receive power after the Holy Spirit is come upon you; and you shall be witness unto me both in Jerusalem and in Judea, and in Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth”. Acts. 1:8.